no system (deb_0_rah) wrote,
no system

This is my first ever happy new year :)

You know I had actually not reflected on new years but the new york philharmonic was on pbs playing "somewhere" from west side story and I was WEEPING. "There's a place for us... hold my hand and we're halfway there." WOW. I think throughout 2013 I will be doing a lot of "one year ago today X happened" it's only a couple weeks to the anniversary of my anorexic exhaustive collapse. I fucking marvel at what I accomplished in 2012. Getting rid of abusive ass psycho was really only symptom relief, I cured the disease. The act of standing up for myself and saying "I do not deserve to be treated this way" shattered me to the core. I shook off the shackles of two fucking decades of depression, guilt addiction, and low self esteem. I told God I would rather destroy my life than live another day as that person. And now I'm happy and healthy and free. Hold my hand and we're halfway there.
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