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this makes me feel some type of way. 22 Jan 2007 ; 12:34pm

Hunter who shot polar-grizzly hybrid has unique trophy
Sunday, January 21, 2007
The Oregonian
-- Jim Martell has been hunting since age 8 and has dozens of trophies, but his most exotic yet is the world's only recorded incidence of a wild polar bear-grizzly crossbreed.

Martell, 66, shot the hybrid that scientists have dubbed a "pizzly"**** this spring, sending shockwaves through the scientific community. The now-stuffed bear took its place in his trophy room this month.
****(I looked it up on wikipedia and found: "Canadian wildlife officials have suggested calling the hybrid "Nanulak" , taken from the Inuit names for polar bear (Nanuk) and grizzly bear (Aklak)."

"It is just a beautiful animal," said Martell, who owns a telephone company out of Glenns Ferry, and operates a Salmon, Idaho-based elk ranch. "When we first got up to it, my guide said to me, 'You have a million dollar bear.' "

The pizzly -- Martell prefers "polar grizz" -- can't be sold legally. But Martell has already received requests from museums that want to display the animal and had calls from scientists asking him to describe the characteristics of the unusual creature.

From a distance, the animal looks like a slightly dirty polar bear. But up close, dark rings around its eyes, a hump on its back, long brown claws and an indented face are giveaways to its unique heritage.

DNA tests in April showed the bear's mother was a polar bear and its father was a grizzly. The bear has the small head and neck of a polar bear, but at about 71/2 feet long, it's closer in size to a grizzly than a polar, which can grow to 11 feet.

The bear caused a stir in biological circles after Martell shot it on a 14-day, $45,450 hunt on Banks Island in northern Canada. Polar bears and grizzly bears have been successfully mated in the past, but only in zoos; both bears' breeding habits have them mating several times before the female can become fertile, which means the two bears would have had to get along for about a week in the wild together, said Ian Stirling, a biologist who specializes in polar bears with the Canadian Wildlife Service in Edmonton, Alberta.

The pizzly discovery also became prime blog fodder. Anti-hunting activists and environmentalists jumped on Martell for killing what, for now, seems to be a one-of-a-kind animal.

"We should have him mounted. Jim that is," one comment read.

But Martell says the comments haven't bothered him. Had he not shot the bear, no one would have known pizzlies -- or grolar bears, if you prefer -- could exist in the wild.

"If he'd-a just went and died, they wouldn't have known it could happen," he said. "It's actually helped biologists."

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"oh, by the way..." 11 Jan 2007 ; 06:07pm
Yesterday my mom hands me an envelope and says, "oh by the way... this came in the mail for you." The date on the post mark is December 27th. I open it up and inside is a card that says "Congratulations! You did it!" and a flier that states the following: (links added by me of course)

A Gift of One Share of Science & Computer Equipment for Gifted Youth has been sent in your honor

SCHOOLS FOR PEACE / Israel & Palestine

Father Elias Chacour, the founder and principal of the Mar Elias Education Institutions (MEEI), believes in action. He translates the Beatitudes from the Aramaic with action words: "Get up, go ahead, do something, move, you peacemakers, for you shall be called children of God."

MEEI is a fast-growing group of schools dedicated to educating students who are Jews, Druze, Arab Christians and Muslims alike. They live and learn together, getting their hands dirty in order to build a society for all human beings. Otherwise, Father Chacour warns, others will oppress the poor, the voiceless and the powerless.

Recently, a Language, Science and Technology Center was established on the MEEI campus, funded in part by PILGRIMS OF IBILLIN. Youth enrolled in the school as well as students from neighboring schools use this new facility to study together. The enriched curriculum of the Center teaches gifted students several languages, hands-on science experiments, art and video production, as well as computer and technology expertise. All learning is preparatory for peacemaking in the larger society. MEEI is leading the way toward peace in Israel and Palestine though the lives and actions of its exceptional students.

Your alternative gift for the world's poor and the planet's environment was purchased at an Alternative Gift Market or directly through Alternative Gifts International 800/842-2243

This is the best graduation present I could ever think of. Thank you so much Jen!!!! Sorry it took me so long to say thank you!

I hope they get some of this stuff!

so then they can see these things!!!!
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dalet beth vov resh heh 13 Dec 2006 ; 05:22pm
here are some pics of my graduation present to myself, by popular demand:

It says "deborah" which is the Hebrew word for "bee" and it literally means "seeker" or "seeking one." I'm going back in for a touchup in a few weeks, and I'll post better pics at that point... huge props to Ambarish, who is still a student at the tattoo school on the 2nd story above Sea Tramp Tattoo Co. He did a kick ass job.
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04 Oct 2006 ; 03:37pm

7/15/89 ~ 10/4/06

Kurt Cobain Herndon

commonly known as K.C.
a.k.a. buddy, tiger, scooter
a.k.a. Carlo Gato, Don of the Cat Mafia

KC was born under the sun sign of Cancer on a farm in Corbett, Oregon. In 1989 my parents built my childhood home on a nearby mountainside. After we moved in we could hear mice and rats scratching around in the space below the house at night. My dad was concerned that they would chew through all the electrical wires running through down there, and even though he has always hated cats he knew that we should get one. So my mom took me to a nearby farm to help her choose a cat. I chose K.C. because I liked his funny face. (K.C. originally stood for Kitty Cat- I changed it to Kurt Cobain when I was in highschool.) We brought him home at only a few months old. That first night, before we went to bed, we opened up the trap door and dropped him down into the darkness, a concrete-and-dirt space beneath the house only three feet high, closing the door behind him. When we got up that morning and opened the trap door, K.C. jumped out looking very happy and satisfied. He went out to the patio and slept in the sun all day. We almost never fed him store bought cat food, he didn't wear a collar, and he was essentially a wild forest cat, but he chose to come back to us every day.

Spending his days on the mountainside and his nights below our house was K.C.'s whole life until the scratching noises stopped. The Larch Mountain rodent genocide of 1989-1990 was the beginning of K.C.'s legend.

Cats are nature's perfect assassins, and K.C. loved killing more than pretty much anything. If there was ever a being that had 100% actualization it was K.C. He belonged to his environment and his environment belonged to him. After there was nothing left to kill inside the house, he spread his reign of terror on any and every mammal under three pounds he could find on the west side of Larch Mountain. He expanded his victim base from mice and rats to include birds, moles, and his favorite: rabbits. He would kick a rabbit around the front yard for 20 minutes before eating it. Occasionally he would bring us offerings and leave them on our front porch as many cats do- except K.C. added a touch of flair to this ritual. He would only leave the heads. One morning after finding a giant disembodied rabbit head on our doormat, he was dubbed Don Carlo Gato of the Cat Mafia.

K.C. would often get in brawls with other mountain cats and always came out on top. He had a small hole in his right ear from one of these tangles- this was his worst injury from fighting cats. One time he mauled a cat so badly that it layed in the street mortally wounded, and one of our neighbors had to come out and shoot it.

One night when K.C. was a few years old, he came limping out of the forest trailing a line of blood across the patio. My parents rushed him to the vet and brought him home with his leg shaved and bandaged. The size of the hole in his leg indicated that he had tangled with a coyote. He lost that one, but he lived to tell. He was the most bad ass cat.

In his later years, his old-man cat interests included windowsills, yarn balls, drinking out of the toilet, antagonizing my other cat Judie (who joined us in 2002), watching TV, and being under a blanket. He enjoyed sitting on clean laundry, my backpack, and newspapers that were left on the floor. He always hated children and would be openly hostile to children under 5 and scratched more than a few of my parents' friends' kids, and I couldn't help but love him for it. He just wanted to kill everything.

The reason K.C. came into my life was basically to work for my dad (so he didn't have to bomb our house with rat poison) but we became best friends almost immediately. Our dog was our family's dog, but K.C. was always my cat. He was my companion from the time I was a very little girl and saw me through my adolescence and early 20's. He was my guide through the most transformative era of my life.

In March of 2006 he was diagnosed with a failing liver but beat the odds to live many months and he had a great summer with me. At the end of September he got sick and began acting strangely. The night of October 3rd, his cardiovascular system began to fail. K.C. died this morning shortly after midnight at Dove Lewis emergency animal hospital in Portland, Oregon. He was 17.

goodnight, killer. me and Judie miss you.
we know you're not in kitty heaven.
we know you're already the King of Bunny Hell.

oh captain my captain 04 Aug 2006 ; 02:34pm
Ryan and I had a startlingly honest conversation about attraction and platonic relationships last week. I asked him, "What if you were skinny and I had big boobs?" without pausing even for one second he said, "Then we'd be Pam Anderson and Kid Rock."

Least true.

besties for life
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summer music mix 26 Jul 2006 ; 07:02pm
here's a few songs I can't imagine this summer without:

the Skatalites - Ball of Fire

Queen Omega - the Truth
Queen Omega - Bomb Inna Sodom

Toots and the Maytals - Reggae Got Soul

Dub Syndicate - Mafia
Dub Syndicate - Stoned Immaculate

Justin Hinds and the Dominoes - Rub Up Push Up

Gyptian - Blaze

Aggrolites - Work to do
Aggrolites - Thunder Fist
Aggrolites - Mr. Misery

Chronicle - Borealis

Warsaw Poland Bros. - Prostitutes Gone Wild
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I'm terrific 08 May 2006 ; 01:56pm
Captain just told me that after he got me back to his house and I passed out drunk on the couch, he said he turned on the TV and was watching a "behind the music" or some type of documentary on the Sex Pistols. And at one point, one of the band members said something about how they were the first band in the punk scene or whatever to just call each other 'cunts' out in the open. Now I have ZERO MEMORY of this, but apparently right then I woke up, looked right at him, and yelled, "Captain- you're a FUCKING CUNT!"

I wish I could remember. I'm so funny.
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i heart science 02 May 2006 ; 02:05pm
this is the voltage reading from the semitendinosis (medial hamstring) of a 22-year-old male, representing 606 Newtons of force during an isometric hamstring curl.

It's my favorite thing ever.
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just so you know. 11 Apr 2006 ; 12:18pm
I'm not dead, antibiotics are the shit, and liquid vicodin is the shit.
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29 Mar 2006 ; 06:19pm
mood loved

I would like the world to know: I love my friends so much. My friends are the most beautiful, amazing, fun, cool, talented, kind, intelligent, creative, wonderful, hilarious, caring, loyal, brilliant, kick ass, gorgeous people on earth. Every day I am astounded by how lucky I am to have these people in my life and to know they have my back. There's nothing I wouldn't do for my friends. I love, love, love, love, love, love, love, LOVE my friends!!!

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"...stop the polluting, or else I'll blow your shit up!" (quote by Jes) 23 Feb 2006 ; 10:07am
The Thermals is a relatively new rock band from Portland. I just heard that they are the latest in a string of several indie rock bands across the country to turn down $50,000+ offers for one of their songs to be in a commercial for Hummer.

Not down with that shit in P-town....

Clap for the Thermals! Clap for them!!
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merry grinchmas 25 Dec 2005 ; 06:45am
light up dem trees...
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I just want to rock and roll all night.... 28 Sep 2005 ; 01:39pm
mood amused

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Uprite Dub Orchestra mp3's 22 Sep 2005 ; 04:47pm
I just spent the last 20 minutes yousendit'ing Uprite Dub mp3's to a DJ in my acquaintance and would like to extend the invitation to download to all of you. I'm sure I've posted some of these for you before, but here they are.

4 Live Recordings from community radio KBOO, 05-15-04:
Alex the Cat:

B-Dog vs. the Drummonds (cover of Vin Gordon's Red Blood):

Mash Up:

No Love For Police:

2 Live recordings from Portland State University Radio KPSU, fall of 2002???
Earplug Dub, credit Todd Krupa:

Sun is Shining, credit Bob Marley and DJ Krush:

Older unidentifiable tracks:
Selector (a cover but I don't know who...):

H-Bomb (by Taylor Aglipay, saxophone player of Uprite Dub):

Land and Freedom Dub:

and finally, my favorite. two tracks that somehow got stuck together as one... Stop Them Jah and Casava Piece, both of which are old jamaican dub standards.
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welcome to tent city 17 Sep 2005 ; 04:27pm
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pictures from Brad & Amy's tent city shindig, Sept. 10

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Labor Day 05 Sep 2005 ; 06:17pm

Senior Year Forever
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flip-fizzone 31 Aug 2005 ; 10:41am
I just got a new phone! seeing as how I have been using the same cellphone since 1998, I shit you not, having a phone with color and animated graphics is like my official graduation into the 21st century. So, if you want to send me a text message, the # is 503-680-3495.

P.S. cingular
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Shining Stars 2005 pictures 08 Jun 2005 ; 01:57pm

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My four favorite dudes ever: Jeremy, Brandon, Taylor, and Ryan

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01 Jun 2005 ; 06:44pm
USA Today, 6/1/2005 8:03 PMCollapse )
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Uprite dub Orchestra mp3's 12 May 2005 ; 10:56am
here are some Uprite dub mp3's from their live KBOO show last month. big thanks to seankennedy for tracking and amazing editing:

Steppin Bones this is their newest dub- very dreamy and hot.

A Message to you Rudy This is the captain's best vocal ever, in my opinion.

Master Blaster a Stevie Wonder cover with guest singer Keith... but my favorite thing about this song is Brandon on the keys. It just makes me think that dude is a superstar.

Business as Usual One of their best songs, updated with new lyrics!

Less than 4 weeks to Shining Stars '05!!!
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